Gratitude 13January16 1.5 Billion

I, along with many others, have bought a ticket in hopes of winning a lottery worth over one billion dollars. Yes, that is with a “B” as in a billion. Statistically my chances are 1 in 292 million that my selection of numbers will be a lucky winner.

summer breezeWhen I think of what I would do with all that money, I don’t think in terms of things, I think in terms of making memories. So, in the event I am a lucky winner, I will be on a private jet heading for the Maldives Islands in the very near future!

Today I am thankful

  • It is above zero today
  • My banana and peanut butter smoothie
  • Reruns of The Golden Girls and Frasier are back on

I am wishing us all luck on tonight’s big drawing!

affectionately yours, Laura

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