Gratitude 4January16 Happy 2016!

I am a tad late to the Happy New Year party. I got majorly bombed with the nasty cold virus that is going around and spent the past few days in “coughing hell.” Anyone that has had or will get this virus has my deepest sympathy.

WishesWith a new year comes thoughts of resolutions and goals for the next twelve months. I have learned not to set myself up for failure with promises to myself of workouts, life changing behaviors, and unrealistic idealization.

Rather, my focus is on moderation in all areas of my life. The saying “Even the sunshine burns if you get too much” is apropos for my train of thought. My goal for this year is just to continue with a comfortable balance in life. Making sure my keys areas of need — spiritually, mentally, physically — are all being kept in content alignment.

Today I am thankful

  • Happy Birthday to my sister
  • Finally feeling better
  • A busy week ahead

I am wishing you all a productive and exceptional 2016 new year.

affectionately yours, Laura

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