Gratitude 28December15 Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of keeping yourself in the here and now. It is not focusing on what was or what is to be. It is this moment, right now.

i just woke upWhen I need to focus, I listen to my breathing. I slow myself by inhaling slowly to the count of six, holding my breath to the count of two, and exhale to the count of eight. I do that several times. I also will turn my focus to what is going on around me. The sights, the sounds, I acknowledge what I am feeling and release the emotion.

Today I am thankful

  • Christmas has been put away till next year
  • Rainbows from the crystals in my window
  • A clean house

Mindfulness is a helpful tool when the craziness of the world gets to be too much. It is a powerful tool to make yourself focus on the good, and what to be grateful for in your life.

affectionately yours, Laura


Merry Christmas 2015

I am feeling especially grateful this Christmas morning. There is so much in my life and world that I am appreciative of and understand my life is truly a collection of blessings.

If you are a reader of mine, you know every day I list three things I am thankful for, today that list would be much longer. I will sum it up by saying I am thankful for everything.

I wish you and yours a very merry and blessed Christmas.

affectionately yours, Laura

White Christmas?

santa 1

I am not sure what to think about this weather. Part of me is enjoying the mild, no snow weather we have been having. The other part of me keeps thinking how weird this is not to have cold and snow at this time of year.

Today I am thankful

  • A wonderful trip to see my baby girl in NYC
  • Visiting is fun; there’s no place like home
  • Looking at the snow out my window

With Christmas a few days away, I am hoping for a white Christmas. If you see Santa at the beach, please tell him it is time to head to the North Pole!

affectionately yours, Laura


Gratitude 15December15 Breaking-Up is Hard to Do

You learn a lot about yourself and your ex-significant other when you break-up. Or as celebrities now call it “conscious uncoupling.” You learn about character, integrity, and the value of the emotional investment in your relationship of both people.

brokenIdeally, when the choice is made to end a relationship, be it friendship or love affair, there should be no good person or bad person. It takes two people to be present in a relationship.

Each has a responsibility to maintain the integrity of the partnership. As my Granny used to say “There are two-sides to every story and somewhere in the middle is the truth.” The temptation to be the victim or discount your ex is powerful. Sadly, it does not achieve anything.

Breaking up is a painful experience for all involved. The untangling of emotions and lives is complex. The temptation to indulge in carbohydrates and liquor in abundance is strong. As hard as it is; it is the most important time to keep yourself mentally and physically healthy.

This website has some great tips for keeping healthy.

Today I am thankful

  • My best friend came over for a visit!
  • The view out my window
  • It’s finale night on The Voice

Love shouldn’t hurt. If it does, make sure it’s love you are feeling.

affectionately yours, Laura

Favorites of the 2015 Holiday Season

Here are a few of my favorite 2015 holiday things this year.
~ Old Navy Gloves .. I love the feel and fit of these gloves. They are soft, warm, and grip your hands comfortably. On the tips of the index finger and thumb are computer friendly pads, so you don’t have to take off gloves to use your cell phone. A bonus — they come in a bunch of colors. $5.00 a pair at Old Navy. (I waited for the 50% off outerwear sale.) blog gloves
~ Bath & Body Tis the Season Candles .. I am a fan of the three wick candles. They burn forever, and the wicks don’t disappear into the wax like some candles. For the holidays, I like the Tis the Season scent. Normally $22.00 a piece, I always wait for Bath & Body $12.50 sale, plus, once a year they have an $8.50 sale
~ Caribou Reindeer Blend Coffee .. This seasonal holiday blend is only out at Christmas. I always stock up on a few boxes. It is a medium to dark roast blend without a bitter after taste. $12.99 for a box of 18 K-cups. I wait for the $10.99 sale and watch Target for the $1. off two boxes coupon.
~blog humidifier Holmes Mini Tower Humidifier .. I have been in search of a small humidifier and scored when I found this one. It is small in size and big on doing the job. The humidifier has three settings for speed and amount of moisture. $49.99 at Target. I got mine for 25% off with Target snowpinions
~ Department 56 Snowpinions Ornaments .. I discovered these cute little lady snowpeople last year and went in search of them again this year. Each one has a saying and different design that expresses their”opinion.” I get mine at Setzer’s Gifts, and they range in price from $9.99 to $13.99. I waited and got mine during their Holiday 25% off sale.

Today I am thankful

  • I made it to yoga class
  • Completed my 55+ Defensive Driving class. I can’t wait for that 10% insurance discount to kick in!
  • A Santi day, is always a good day

You might have noticed a trend in my shopping, I only buy when it’s on sale! Happy Christmas shopping.

affectionately yours, Laura