Grande Peppermint Mocha, please

I lucked out during my check out at Target today. The computer gave me a coupon for a holiday drink at Starbucks.

While I had been aware of the “red cup,” controversy — for those of you how don’t know — Starbucks this year decided to go with a plain red cup rather than it’s usually “holiday” decorated version.

Waiting in line, I heard a woman several people up from me tell the barista that her name was “Merry Christmas.” The next person did the same. The next person did the same.

peppermint mochaThe first person who did it got her order and was upset that the barista had abbreviated her cup to the initials “M.C.” So, the barista took her cup back and drew a Christmas tree on it complete with little bulbs. Everyone in line nodded and oohed and ahhed their approval and wanted the same.

When it was my turn to place my order, I ordered my grande Peppermint Mocha, and before she could ask my name, I responded, “Marilyn Monroe.” The barista whispered I was her best customer all afternoon!

Today I am thankful

  • I could afford a fancy cup of coffee
  • My car warmed up quickly in the chilly weather
  • I am happy and content

At $4.55 a cup, without a coupon, you would think there would be something better to focus on than a red cup. Like the fact you can afford it when there are people less fortunate.

affectionately yours, Laura

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