Gratitude 08September15 Well, That Sucks



I am feeling extremely frustrated at this moment. Someone is sending me pornographic text messages.

It started about a week ago. It started with suggestive language and increased in details and requests. Last night, they began to include pictures.

As each has arrived, I have blocked the individual sender. Whoever is doing this — obviously does not have a life — each is arriving with a unique number or email address.

After spending a significant amount of time online with my cellular company, my options are minimal. I can change my cellular number, or keep blocking each message. I was advised to contact the police. Which I have discovered is not high on their priority list of crimes.

As someone who is cognitively savvy not to give out personal information on the internet, and who does not freely give my number out to many. Well, this sucks doesn’t it? That I would have to waste time on this bullshit. The saddest thing is, police say that majority of the time it is someone you know. Isn’t that special?

Today I am thankful ..
~ The grace of God
~ Yoga and breathing exercises
~ A beautiful fall day

Not one to be daunted by a challenge, I have been referred to a “special” police division that handles these complaints. I will be providing them with all information. Wish me luck.

affectionately yours, Laura

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