Gratitude 21Feb15 What Real Women Look Like

via Google search Dove Real Women Campaign

via Google search Dove Real Women Campaign

Hurrah to Cindy Crawford! A picture was leaked accidentally of her at a photo shoot before being photo-shopped. Crawford is in lingerie and all of her bumps, dimples and stretch marks are clearly visible. Crawfords response to the leak? “That is what real women look like.”

via Google search

via Google search

As a woman, I am constantly comparing myself to the unrealistic practice of the fashion publication and media. They portray women that are perfect to the point of unrealistic.

My saving grace is the weekly view in my gym locker room that is my reality check. I am not the only woman with dimples, rolls, stretch marks, scar’s and an apple bottom.

I have always liked Crawford and saw her as beautiful, seeing her in this new light makes me like her even more.

Today I am thankful ..

  • Time with my grandbaby, Lucy
  • My women’s craft group
  • I feel content and serene

Sadly, real women are never accurately depicted in the media. We need to look to one another for support and validation of true beauty.Don’t sell yourself short with comparisons. We are all beautiful. #truetoyourself

affectionately yours, Laura

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