Gratitude 17Feb15 The Glass is Full of Optimism

66da6573b2c9b33bbdd4584daa0a6270Do you know someone who is always cheery, perky and every day is wonderful? On days when I am not so bright, I silently wonder about those people; what combination of medications are they taking?

Only to assume they have that perpetual happy gene that is not in my chain of DNA or they take the mind over matter to a whole different level of optimism. The second of my five things to focus on this year is being more optimistic.

Optimism by definition is a noun, and it means to be hopeful and confident about the future or successful outcome of something. And yes, it is based on a belief and the way you condition yourself to look at life.

What is the benefit of optimistic living? It promotes healthier living, a sense of self-fulfillment, peace of mind and belief in your dreams among the many. Here is a link to 45 things if you are curious.

Today I am thankful ..

  • I am praising Him for the blessing of a clear mind
  • I have my yoga done for the day
  • My writing prompt challenge for the month is a challenge
  • A very funny text error still has me laughing

The next time I look at my wine glass half empty, I will not think I am so sad my glass is half empty. I am going to put on my rose-colored heart shaped sunglasses and think; I am so glad I was optimistic and bought an extra bottle of wine. I can fill my glass back up to full! Optimism.

affectionately yours, Laura

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