Gratitude 16Feb15 Forgiveness is a Process



I have attached a picture today that struck a vulnerable part within me.
Forgiveness for me is an ongoing process. Just when I think I have forgiven, something happens, and that icky feeling rears its ugly head and declares “Not quite, yet.”

I understand the concept of forgiveness and why it is imperative in one’s life for moving on. Knowing those dynamics and reality are two different things. My ability to use the healthy skills I have learned keeps me in check.

When you gift someone with forgiveness, it does not mean you stay in the drama. It means you forgive and get yourself to a healthy place in your life where you are safe.

Still, when the memories haunt, new events open old wounds, I find myself going through the process of forgiveness again. A therapist once told me I would know when I had truly forgiven because when I thought of that person or situation I would wish them well.

And I do. After I put the karma bus in reverse to run their ass over one more time. Oh well, I did say it’s a process.

Today I am thankful ..

  • My knit shawl from Mary Lou that brings me comfort
  • Seeing the Penguins of Madagascar with Santi
  • Tomorrow is a stay at home packing and writing day

To, not forgive, is to keep yourself in bondage to someone or something else. I wish you the freedom that forgiveness brings.

affectionately yours, Laura

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