Gratitude 01Feb15 Enough Kardashian Already!

via Google search

via Google search

I am maxed out on any and all that is Kardashian. Enough Already! I am tired of seeing their selfies of their tits, ass, camel toes, babies, men, vacations. I do not care if Kris becomes a man, or Bruce becomes a woman. My heart has empathy for the belittled son and the one younger daughter who seems to have a true modeling career. The rest? Please.

I plead with you to join me in a Kardashian black out. Do not click on anything about them. Turn the television channel when any story about them comes on. Don’t buy any magazine that they paraded across and are featured.

What does it say about our society that we idolize this family? I give respect to the fact that an empire went from zero to infinity based on nothing but a porn tape and drama. That’s it. Supply and demand, people. They survive based on our demand. No demand equals no profit. Their lifestyle is courtesy of the misguided desire for fantasy of you and me.

The fact that it has become America’s adulation is a sad state of affairs for our nation and that which we choose to give our attention too. And I just bought into the hype by giving them just what they want, attention and airtime. Enough Already!

Today I am thankful ..

  • A productive day with my “To Do” list complete
  • My laundry is clean for another week
  • I am this [    ] close to my tax paperwork being ready

Pay attention to what you pay attention. What takes up your mental energy? What attracts your attention? #mindfulness

Life is short – Live it well

affectionately yours, Laura

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