Gratitude 30Jan15 The Irony of it All

Disclaimer: If you are sensitive to religious and sexual conversation, save us both time and skip today’s blog. You won’t have to write that email to me, and I won’t have to read it. Okay?

I sleep with a rosary that I received from my sister for my 1st Communion at the age of seven. My wooden rosary beads are shiny from the rubbing of fingers over them, and a bit nicked. Jesus is hanging at an odd angle from the cross from my attempt to glue Him when He began to come undone.

Despite that, It is a treasured gift I sleep with because I often say the rosary when I can’t sleep at night. The murmurs of Hail Marys and Our Fathers soothe me and clear my head of the gazillion other things that occupy my thoughts as I lay there.

© 2015 llpeltier All Rights Reserved

© 2015 llpeltier All Rights Reserved

I also sleep with my OVO vibrator. I discovered this vibrator at my local “toy” store. A clerk asked if I had heard about this latest and greatest invention. She asked, “Have you heard of the “G Spot?” “Yes” was my reply. “Well, this will find your A, B, C, D ..” and she began singing the alphabet song to me. Intrigued, I bought said item and under my pillow it lays. Like my rosary, I use it to soothe me into slumber, and it is everything it is hyped up to be.

What an irony I thought this morning, as I made my bed, that the two things that ease me and help me relax and sleep would be a rosary and vibrator. A while ago I wrote a prose called the “Saint and the Sinner.” It was about the inner struggle of being good versus bad that we all carry within us. The contrast I saw this morning of those two items under my pillows.

So much controversy could result from this discussion. I am going to keep it simple and leave it at the irony of it all. It works for me. I did mention I keep them each under a separate pillow, right?

Today I am thankful ..

  • The sun is shining, and you can see blue skies
  • I enjoy volunteering at the library
  • This amazing and beautiful country I live in

Whatever works for you, do it. I wish you success on your pathway and journey to peace of mind.

affectionately yours, Laura

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