Gratitude 28Jan15 Renaissance Women

Several days ago while writing in my journal, I went into great detail on my gratitude to the strong women in my life. The women I watch and admire. The women in my life, I take to heart their words and actions of wisdom. Women who are helping make me a better woman. In Maya Angelou’s words, they are my phenomenal women.



They are who serve as my mentors. They make me push through the struggle. They are my sunshine in the darkness, my umbrella on rainy days. My eye of calm in the middle of the typhoon. Some are my soft tissue with extra aloe for my tears. Kindred spirits whose arms I feel wrap around me from miles away. They are my renaissance women.

My renaissance women are leaders. They are women who are not afraid to be who they are — they don’t follow the current fad or trend. They stand out. They are problem solvers, tenacious, self-confident; they encourage me to embrace those things within myself. I call them my “circle of women.” They are focused, brave, strong and have no fear of exploring new beginnings and accepting endings.

I have seen these women be unafraid to reach out for help, apologize and shed tears. I observed them in a constant state of learning. Not one of them has ever claimed to “know it all,” In contrast, it is when we collaborate that the best of our friendship flourishes and grows.

My renaissance women are real, raw and honest. Love isn’t only comfort, but it is also discomfort. Love is honest — it challenges, corrects and teaches without that unneeded dose of shame and disrespect. When you know that someone only wants you to be the very best you can be, that is a bond that is never easily broken.

These women astonish me with their lessons learned and how they incorporate them into everyday living. As a woman who has spent a lot of life running from the pain of her past, they give me the courage to stand, to face, to go through, to accept. Their example gives me courage and comfort, knowing they will be on the other side waiting for me.

The word renaissance initially makes you think of the “good old days” and the women that foraged through to make history. The women in my life are just that — in a modern world sense. My circle of women, which is who they are; who they aspire me to be. They take the gift of the past and blend it with the present and prepare for their future.

Today I am thankful ..

  • It is a brighter day than yesterday
  • Breakfast with a long time friend
  • The joy of seeing those I love dreams come true

affectionately yours, Laura

**revision from 2013


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