Gratitude 07Jan15 Karma



For as long as I have been writing this gratitude blog, I have written about karma. My belief is that life is just one big boomerang. What you put into the world will return to you. The power of karma is within each of us. Yes, we all have freedom of speech and action. However, we are also accountable for the consequences of that freedom.

It continues to amaze me how brave people are at a keyboard versus how brave would you be in a face-to-face context. A part of our society today has created a monster via our technology world. Technology has taken away in-person communication. Another blog, for another day.

There have been seasons in my life when the karma bus has run my ass over. There have been seasons when the karma bus has dropped off an abundance of blessings at my doorstep. Karma determines our fate and the outcome of our being. I am witness to it first hand.

The greatest gift, we receive in this life is the ability to change at any moment. To make different choices, choose a different outcome for ourselves. We chose our karma. It can be as simple as not gossiping or eating a donut. Or as hard as not taking that next drink or deliberately hurting someone. It is the choice of karma, or some may think of it as fate. I don’t take that gift for granted. #gratefulsurvivor

Today I am thankful ..

  • It was a writing day. As I like to say, up to my ass in words.
  • A wonderful and colorful conversation with a dear friend, Diane.
  • Wearing my new favorite tee shirt “Proud Wife of a United States Marine.”
  • A very happy birthday to my brother, Michael. You are a hero of mine. I love you.

I like the quote by John Wooden “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” Karma is like Santa, it knows when you are naughty or nice.

affectionately yours, Laura

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