Gratitude 16Dec14 Buck Naked



A recent Cosmopolitan magazine article revealed an interesting statistic. Less than ten percent of Americans sleep in the nude. Yes, I am part of that minority.

For those of you scrunching up your noses at the thought, there are some important benefits to this lifestyle choice. Foremost, the whole waking up to your nightgown bunched up around your waist, or worse, your pajama bottoms digging into your bottom. There is the whole uncomfortable elastic around your waist and clothing restriction to stretching out.

From a medical stance, your body can stabilize your body temperature without pajama’s on for sleeping. Any woman who has gone through menopause can relate to waking up sweating or freezing depending on the phase of your hot flash. Also, for the ladies, it is a good thing to give your vagina some breathing room.

If you don’t have the worry about kids coming in or a significant other who insists on pajamas, try it, you just might like it!

Today I am thankful ..

  • The Voice finale is tonight .. Go Chris Jamison!
  • My laundry is finished and put away
  • It snowed last night, and the view out my window is pretty

In the hustle of the holiday madness, take a moment to appreciate the true reason for the season. If you can, pay it forward, it will return to you. A smile doesn’t cost a thing.

affectionately yours, Laura

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