Gratitude 08Dec14 Angry America

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via Google search

America is angry. It resonates in every story told. Inequality in the manner people of color are respected and treated, violence against women, the division of the wealthy and the poor where our so called “middle class” America is disappearing. It is the society we have become.

A society that media has become as wonderful as it is a terror. A glance around your environment will reveal people no longer talking to one another. Cell phones and computers are now the means of communication. The “magic words” please and thank you are no longer magic. Basic courtesy is becoming a distant memory.

We live in a “me” world where it is a living survival show of the strongest and richest. Not necessarily the smartest. Athletes make millions, and our teachers are underpaid. It doesn’t make sense, and we are witnesses to the results of our misplaced adulation and choices

We live in an angry America where people don’t know who or where to turn for help. The people we are to look to for direction have let us down and created a society of distrust. When presented with no respect or trust of government or the people designated to protect us – where do we turn?

A person with nothing left to lose is a dangerous person. We are watching riots that reflect the gathering of multitudes of those with nothing left to lose but their lives. And even a human life is in question of being valued.

I do not know the answers. I do know as an individual; I control what I can. My lessons learned are: Karma is only a bitch when I am. What I put into the world has returned to me. Paying it forward has never failed me. People respond to love and truth.

Sadly, the good things going on in America are buried. Our gas prices are the lowest they have been in four years. The stock market is soaring. Royalty has arrived in America with Prince William and Kate in New York City. There are positives buried in the negatives if you search.

Today I am thankful ..
My Christmas decorations
The Nets are playing the Cavaliers tonight
An afternoon with my Dad is always an adventure

Make a difference in the world today. Pay it forward; a smile, opening the door for someone, saying please and thank you, do not cost a thing.

affectionately yours, Laura

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