Gratitude 25Oct14 I’ll be Back ..

FB_20141024_22_30_49_Saved_PictureThis blog has proven to be a success beyond my greatest expectations. In a year, I have logged 245 blogs, over 3105 views, and I have 152 registered followers from 7 different countries around the world.

If you look at my Welcome to My World page, I have stayed true to my writing style and my goals. I may even have improved on my grammar skills to the delight of my literary readers.

My blogs lately reflect the challenges in my life. Because of these challenges, I have decided to take a month away from writing my gratitude blog, affectionately yours, Laura.

I will be using the time to resolve personal issues and work on several writing projects I want to put closure to. Until I return ..

Today I am thankful ..

  • My passion for words and writing.
  • Family and friends who love me past my crazy.
  • My courage to love and forgive.
  • My tenacity to continue to keep striving, hoping and dreaming.

I wish you each a wonderful November. May the month remind you to be thankful and give gratitude to all that is in your life.

affectionately yours, Laura

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