Gratitude 11Oct14 All That Glitters ain’t Gold

I have never been one who believed all that glitters is gold. I do not believe money can buy happiness or piece of mind. Glitter and money make life more tolerable for a time. I have learned the hard way that temporary highs are just that, very temporary. Given the choice between emotional wealth or monetary wealth, I will choose emotional wealth every time.

A quick read of the internet reveals that we are all subject to the same challenges, joys and heartache. Whatever our life station, life happens to us. Too much sunshine will burn us. Too much food will put on the pounds. Too much of a good thing becomes ordinary. Eventually, even if the money doesn’t end, if you’re an asshole people will leave you, pretty and too fine will only go so far, and age will tell the truth on your body.

Within each of us, we must find our balance and what makes us the best we can be. Money, jewels and things can’t do that. Even the best of the best therapist can’t get you to the point that that soul searching requires. I am not there. I am getting there.

It’s what gratitude is. Being grateful for what you have in your life. The simplest things are the most expensive. The things that can not be bought, like time with those you love, laughter or just a simple smile.

Ask a person ending their life journey what they want. I haven’t heard anyone say my money, my car, my things. The common refrain is ~ I want to be surrounded by those I love. In the infamous words of Annie Lennox “Money can’t buy it, Baby.”

Today I am thankful ..

  • The simplicity of my life
  • What I have I value and appreciate
  • I am comfortable letting go of what I don’t need

Your path will cross someone struggling today. Do what you can to make life a bit easier. Pay it forward.

affectionately yours, Laura

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