Gratitude 8Oct14 The Pole Dancer and Astronaut

I met an intriguing man while at my local coffee shop. I was reading and glanced at the floor in front of me to see a pair of what I call “Jesus” Birkenstock sandals with white socks standing in front of me. He asked if my book was interesting, so began our conversation.

via / pole dancer

via / pole dancer

When we did our introductions, I told him my name was Layla, and I was a professional pole dancer. Laughing, he told me he was Buzz Lightyear and was an astronaut on vacation before his next trip to the moon. I can appreciate a person with a sense of humor and invited him to join me.

During our conversation, he inquired to my marital status. Without much thought, I said I had married once but wasn’t very successful. He said he had been very successful at being married. However, his wife passed away several years ago after being married in excess of forty years.

He said with a sparkle in his eye; he and his wife had shared enough romance to last him a lifetime. Now he just wanted to find a companion, with “side benefits” of course.



He asked if I was interested. As tempting as the offer was, I said I had just sent out a resume for a job as a princess and was waiting for a response. I was keeping my options open. Well, that and although he did not have an issue with my occupation, the thought of a long distance relationship with a man on the moon was not very appealing.

We shared a laugh, wished each other well and off he went.

While walking home, I kept thinking about this delightful, yet, sad conversation. I could not compromise on a “spend the rest of my life with you” relationship. Which would explain my not successful marriage.

I understand a healthy relationship takes constant work and effort to keep that fire with a combination of friendship and desire going. Until I am ready to put my all on the line for that commitment, it is best I stay in my single status lane.

However, my heart aches for him and those who “settle” for the sake of just being with someone.

Today I am thankful ..

  • My “To Do” list is almost done
  • The sun is shining in a bright blue sky
  • A Santi day is always a good day

I am the first to admit that being single in a world of “coupled” friends can be hard. Is it hard enough that I will settle for less than true love and a best friend? No. I’ll hang in here.

affectionately yours, Laura

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