Gratitude 7Oct14 “Oops, Our Bad, Sorry!”

I am not a fan of lawsuits.

I support valid claims of injustice and those deserving of compensation. However, I believe the majority are malicious motivation for monetary gain. Like most ill-begotten gain, it leaves your life as quickly as it comes. Then there is that karma bus that will run you over for mistreating people.

Lawsuits are messy with big legal words and a massive amount of paperwork. I believe they are emotional energy thieves. Anytime you are contending with a conflict of any sort, even with legal professionals involved, it is a constant erosion of spirit.

I have dealt with several in the form of class action suits. First, it was Sketcher tennis shoes. Yes, I did buy a pair with the hope that they would tighten my ass without having to exercise. Then it was Turbo Tax with a letter of “Oops. We did your taxes wrong.” Then it was, Naked Juice, which turned out to not be such healthy juice after all.

Yesterday I got two packets of information on class action lawsuits. One from Honda for car breaks and peeling paint. A second from Barnes & Noble about purchases on Nook over charging.

In order to get compensation because of their mistake, I have to do a massive amount of work to get reimbursement. As in my time, filling out forms, providing receipts, and jumping through hoops of fire like a circus performer.



Sorry Sketcher, the tennis shoes you want returned I donated to the Goodwill when my ass remained flat. Naked Juice, I don’t have a year worth of receipts proving I bought your juice faithfully. Turbo Tax refunded my filing fees. Honda and Barnes & Noble are waiting to hear from me.

As a consumer, it is a frustrating endeavor. It is an inner conflict of not wanting to be bothered with drama, and another that wants companies to be held accountable. It is a priority of picking your battles wisely. Now the $32.67 Nook credit? Oh, yeah. I’m going for that.

Today I am thankful ..

  • The little things that make my smile .. pewter Jaz fairy, Cameron cross, quartz stones, Eddie’s marbles
  • That all is well in my world
  • Two days till Sheep-ville vacation

affectionately yours, Laura

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