Gratitude 6Oct14 Be Still and Take Care

It’s a rarity for me to mix politics or religion in with my writings. Today I am going there.

I woke a while ago ruminating over several issues going on in my life. Four in the morning knows all my secrets. And what came into my mind was this. Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.”

via .. some day I  am going to have a tree house to hide away in

via .. some day I am going to have a tree house to hide away in

As women, we are conditioned and raised to care and nurture. There are women I know; myself included, who are finding ourselves in situations that require us to take on the primary role of caring for people in our lives that we love.

Women tend to lose themselves in the care of others. Exhausted and worn, we realize everyone’s needs are satisfied but our own. When we do that to ourselves, we not only do a great injustice to ourselves, but those who we believe we are “giving our all.” If we exhaust ourselves, we have nothing to give anyone.

We often lose sight that caring for ourselves is as crucial as the care of those in need during times of crisis. Try as we might, we are not superwoman who can maintain a constant pace of the fight or flight instinct. That adrenaline rush that keeps us in motion takes a high toll on our bodies.

We must go against our natural instincts and care for ourselves and allow your mind and body a “break..” Permission to become mindful of simply the here and now. “Be Still and know that I am God..

Today I am Thankful ..

  • Time with family and friends to make memories
  • I was gifted with new plants for my home
  • Plan B
  • My office area is finally coming into focus

The most rewarding way to make yourself feel better is to do for others. Pay it forward. Give a smile, Open a door, Say “Please” “Thank you” Call someone you love to just say that. Life is a big boomerang — What you put out will return to you.

affectionately yours, Laura


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