Gratitude 30Sept14 Belief in Self

A belief system is a lifetime of influences and experiences. Every person has a belief system by which they live their lives and make life-affecting decisions. Therefore, belief system is crucial because it is at the core of your self-worth.

via Sisterhood

via Sisterhood

What you believe yourself to be; you will see in the mirror. When one begins to compromise their belief system to accommodate something or someone; it is a corrosion of self. That lack of self will show in the way you live your life and the choices you make.

All of us at different periods in our life will hit the wall of analysis of what is our personal belief system.

Often the death of someone close will bring home the reality that life does end. Within our belief system are our innermost thoughts and beliefs of what happens to our being after our life journey ends. It can cause one to question how they are living their life and if they are living it fully without regrets.

A divorce, a death of sorts, puts you in a new life situation for the reevaluation of your individual identity and belief system apart from being a couple. What was once a “we” is now an “I” and with that comes a new self defining and understanding of who you are.

Mutual friends of mine, all in our mid 50’s, include in our conversations how our bodies are changing as we embrace this new season of our lives. With it, our belief systems adjust as well. We are facing different choices and looking at life with a deeper perspective. We no  longer have the luxury of youth on our side.

The gift of life is a constant evolving and growth of self. As we gather life lessons and gain knowledge, we solidify our belief system. That, in and of itself, empowers who we are, what we believe and how we define our boundaries. That confidence in self will never fail you.

Today I am Thankful ..

  • Season 4 of Scandal is on and popping
  • My new living room chair is a welcome addition
  • With great regret, I have put away my remaining summer clothes

“There is only one you for all time.
fearlessly be yourself.” Anthony Rapp

affectionately yours, Laura

#gratefulsurvivor #warrioragainstdarkness

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