Gratitude 25Sept14 Thigh High Tales



When my Mom ended her life journey, I was instrumental in packing up her things. One of my favorite and most treasured surprises I discovered was in the bottom of her lingerie drawer. There tucked away was a stash of silk thigh high stockings.

Not the elastic at the top thigh highs, but the real deal old school silk thigh highs that are held up by garter belts. There were several pairs with lines up the back,  and colors of various sheer nudes and black.

In addition, she had several sets of sexy lace garter belts and underwear sets tucked away, too. At the time, they were too small for me, but I might retrieve those from storage and see if they don’t fit now! Over the years I have worn them on special occasions, saving one pair as a precious memento of Mom.

Since that discovery, I have been hooked on thigh highs. I like the way they feel without the confines of pantyhose. I enjoy the knowledge that even if only I am privy to the view, it makes me feel sexy. I don’t always go the whole garter belt route.

My Auntie shared some stories about her and my Mom in their youth One involved being quite inebriated and crawling up some stairs. I am sure Mom would have preferred those adventures had remained secret. I treasure each and every one of those tales of adventures and often recalled them from memory with laughter.

She blessed me with the shape of her legs, and I now also know where I get my sensual gene. Thank you, Mom! The fantasy of a pair of lace panties and silk stockings is a powerful aphrodisiac.

© 2014 llpeltier All Rights Reserved May not be used for any purpose without the express written consent of Laura L Peltier

© 2014 llpeltier All Rights Reserved May not be used for any purpose without the express written consent of Laura L Peltier

Tonight while packing for a weekend trip, I tossed a pair of my thigh highs onto my “to take” pile, I smiled to myself thinking of my Mom. It makes me love and miss her all the more with a deep respect for her thinking, “A lady never kisses and tells.” That is until she is getting naked.

Today I am thankful ..

  • I am anticipating a weekend away.
  • My baby girl will be home soon for a visit.
  • A Santi day is always a good day.

Never assume you know someone’s story by their appearance. Always be willing to pay it forward by the message of your heart not the vision of your eyes.

affectionately yours, Laura

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