Gratitude 20Sept14 Keeping it Simple

The countdown has begun for my trip to Idaho. That’s right, in twenty days I am going to Ketchum, Idaho to attend the Trailing of the Sheep Festival.

Trailing of the Sheep Parade via their website

Trailing of the Sheep Parade via their website

The Sheep Festival has everything under the sun and moon about sheep. From the shearing contests, wool making classes, sheepdog races to the grand finale of the sheep parade down Main Street. It will prove to be a spectacular and interesting weekend.

Had it not been for the invite of a dear friend I have known since kindergarten, this is not a trip I would have chosen for myself. Given that, the friendship, memories that we will cherish a lifetime and the promise of lots of wine, persuaded me. My ticket is purchased and our itinerary in the planning stages.

It is this sort of event, keeping it simple and real, that brings joy into my life. The conversations, laughter and time we will share, is what a content life is all about.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • I am treating myself to a new Pandora charm!
  • This afternoon I will meet with my women’s craft group.
  • My new Spotify playlist “Cream in my Coffee.

Life is so much easier when you keep it simple. There will always be someone more or less than you. Just be simply you and keep it simple.

affectionately yours, Laura

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