Whoa .. It’s not that serious!

Dear Readers,

via Pinterest.com

via Pinterest.com

Judging by the amount of emails I have received, some of my language in my excerpt of Indigo Blue and other content in recent blogs have upset more than a few of you.

Please read my “Welcome to my World” page, It explains my writing style. I don’t allow my inner editor to hamper my inner creative writer.

I just sit down and let it flow. My writing is raw and direct. If it comes into my head, it flows through my fingers onto my computer.

I would not be telling you the truth if I said I was not going to write anymore swear words or use those two words with 4 letter that caused chaos. I don’t find cock or pussy offensive. They are just another label for a body part in a more raw sexual manner.

Others of you wrote because you were either shocked or applauded my recent video blogging of a bout of depression.

It is part of my life that I am choosing to no longer be a victim of. Depression is not who I am, It is an uninvited guest. I am empowered by exposing what it looks like to struggle through it. To no longer allow the disease to control me by hiding it.

I am going to use my Warrior against Darkness site as a teaching platform about depression.

I value your time and thank you for reading my words. I appreciate that you write me and send me your thoughts and story ideas. Please, don’t stop. I am always looking to improve.

I will be changing my site to an R rating as the majority suggested.

affectionately yours, Laura 


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