Gratitude 19Sept14 Excerpt from “Indigo Blue”

Today I am thankful for ..

  • A text message
  • Talking with one of my dear friends
  • A bunch of paperwork is done
  • Catching up from my down days

Enjoy this rough draft of another piece of Indigo Blue. Please note the word rough grammar goddesses. Thanks.

affectionately yours, Laura

Initially, when the “bitch” messages began arriving, no one paid much attention. Until they began coming in daily, with the same death wish, “Die you worthless bitch.” Still thinking it was just part of the price of fame, her crew just tossed them in among the other fan mail of the obscene nature. That was until one was placed outside of her home front door.

Happiness bubbled within her when the package was delivered and she immediately began wondering if they were from him. Opening the flower box, she was greeted with the aroma of her favorite flowers — lily of the valley and white roses. Laughing, she buried her face in the box and inhaled deeply. Thinking of him she smiled to herself at the memory of their last day together.

It was not until she began searching for a card that she noticed something under the flowers. Looking closer, her scream echoed throughout her house, bringing her crew running. She dropped the box as she watched in disbelief as the flowers floated to the floor around her in slow motion. White pedals spread around her on the ground against the vivid red.  Inside a plastic bag. was her pet rabbit, Sadie, cut into piece’s.

It was a dreary winter day overcast with gray skies that promised a healthy snow fall soon. A sense of apprehension filled her as they drove to the small airport where her plane waited for take-off.

Her mind was numb as she listened to her publicist outline her next two days of commitments. She snuggled deeper into the security of her seat. Watching out the window, sadness deep within, as the plane climbed leaving behind the barren trees against the white landscape of home.

It was not until they ascended through the clouds to the beauty of blue skies and flying altitude that she allowed herself the gift of unguarded sleep.

via search

via search

He crept into her dreams, the feel of him, his length and thickness. She gave thanks to her sexual goddesses as she slowly slid her mouth over the head of his dick. A lot of women may like big cock’s, she was not one of them. She rolled her tongue around him. “He is perfect” she thought, as she enjoyed swallowing every inch of him until he was fully seated in her mouth. His groan had her smiling around him as she increased the suction, paying special attention to his sensitive spot. Paradise, for them both, was close as she felt his hands on her.

The touch of her best friend on her shoulder woke her back to reality. They were getting ready to land. The view of the Pacific ocean and green landscape was a welcoming sight. She had made a commitment she could not in good conscious cancel, whatever the circumstances. Preparations had been made in advance for additional security detail. They were waiting in ready as they taxied into LAX along with the paparazzi who were hungry to make their money off the perfect picture.

She tugged down the brim of her Twins baseball cap, she put in her iPod ear buds and grabbed her well-worn Coach bag. With Nayanna Holly now singing in her ears, she took a final look in the mirror. Tossing back her shoulders and putting on her practiced smile, she started up the airport ramp. These bastards were not going to see her down.

© 2014 llpeltier All Rights Reserved May not be used in any manner or for any purpose without the express written consent of Laura L Peltier.

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