Gratitude 11Sept14 Underwear Matters!



There are very few material items I splurge on in my life; a Pandora charm on holidays, a crystal for my window and an occasional bouquet of flowers. The rest of my budget goes to my essentials.

What I do make room in my budget for is my underwear. I like underwear. Sexy, cute, laced, ruffles sheer, and fun granny panties. I even have a pair of Wonder Woman underwear. Lacy bras, camisoles, and even my white beaters.

I don’t care if I am in sweatpants or a dress, There is something sensual about knowing you have on sexy underwear. It puts an extra swing in your hips and a smile on your face. The mystique of “If you only knew what I have on under these yoga pants and sweatshirt.” mentality.

It’s the adage “Beauty starts from within.” For me, some days, that starts at my first layer of clothing.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • I have one thing I have to do
  • It’s going to be a beautiful fall day
  • I am treating myself to a pedi

Today’s challenge, if you chose to accept it, is clean out your underwear drawer. Get rid of all those panties you’ve had since high school. Anything ripped, stained, or just plain unattractive — toss them! Treat yourself to something decadent and sexy, even if you are the only one who sees them!

affectionately yours, Laura

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