Gratitude 10Sept14 Spank Me, Please

2011 ushered in a new phase of sexual liberation for women in the form of a book titled 50 Shades of Grey. Over 100 million copies have been sold. It was ground breaking in the sense that a book series based on Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism (BDSM) became socially acceptable as a form of reading entertainment for women.



If the internet research I have been doing is any indication, it added a whole new dimension to women’s curiosity about what was always thought of as the “bad girl” side of sexuality. The author, E.L. James, cleverly took women on a written fantasy of seduction. Her words painted the picture in the minds of women, who then, turned it into their own real life fantasy.

With the age of the internet and television pay-on-demand, women have increasingly become the primary subscribers of pornography. Being able to purchase it with privacy eliminates the shame factor. It gives you access to satisfy your curiosity in the safely of your home.

via ecards,com

via ecards,com

I recently wrote an erotica piece titled Open to You on my Sensual. Naughty. Erotic page. It is based on the fantasy of being dominated and spanked. It generated a few intriguing emails and comments. My response is .. with someone you trust and feel safe with, it can be a pleasurable experience.

Whenever a woman tells me they don’t like sex, I tell them they must be doing it wrong. I have always been a firm believer in control over my own body sexually. Every woman should be knowledgeable about her genitalia. If you don’t know what gives you pleasure and makes you orgasm, how can you teach someone else?

I have teased on several blogs about my vibrators. As a single women, I have no shame when it comes to handling my own needs. You don’t need a partner for sexual gratification. I’ll take that over an unfulfilling booty call every day of the week.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • Second chances
  • Accepting life as it is and moving on
  • Creativity, Imagination and silk scarves

Today is officially my 200th blog on affectionately yours, Laura. I have hit an all time high of 2043 likes and 132 people who have signed up to receive my blog’s via email, which does not include my daily readers. I am humbled and grateful to each of you for taking time from your day to read my words. Blessings.

affectionately yours, Laura

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