Gratitude 7Sept14 On Fire Under the Harvest Moon

September is the month of the Harvest Moon. It got it’s name from historical agricultural history. Because of the shifting of the sun and the shortening of days, the moon was so bright that it would provide for extra minutes of harvesting time for the farmers. Henceforth, it became known as the Harvest Moon.

sunset heartThis year the Harvest Moon will make it’s grand appearance tomorrow. I could have told you that a day ago when my “lady parts” went into overdrive. What is it about the full moon and sexual desire? There is scientific and statistical proof that the full moon affects human behaviors. There is no direct correlation to the full moon connection to sexuality.

I am not convinced that is an accurate assessment going by personal experience. My friend at the Sex Toy Store said “It’s been crazy the last two days!” The days around a full moon bring out the wild woman in me. I feel less uninhibitited and my body goes through an awakening. Everything tingles and is more sensitive. The kind of night you put on some Marvin Gaye and let it groove you.

Whether it is a fact scientists haven’t quantified or just the social implications does not matter to me. I will do as I do, whenever I can, during a full moon. My picnic basket and I will be watching the sun turn over it’s watch to the moon. If you see a glow on the bluff tomorrow evening, that would be me, on fire under the Harvest Moon.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • Being right where I am supposed to be at this season of my life.
  • Comfortable in my body.
  • The Banana Split Blizzard I splurged on tonight. Delicious.

Wishing you a delightful view of the Harvest Moon and if you can, add some romance to it. And, please, take a second to take my poll,

affectionately yours, Laura

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