Gratitude 5Sept14 Ms. MAC

After a summer hiatus from my yoga and water aerobics classes, I am happy to be back in the swing of things this week. I have missed the routine and fellowship.


I am especially fond of the women in my water aerobic class. There is Ms Twins, who knows all about baseball. Ms. Flamingo, she has pink birds all over her yard. Ms Talk-a-lot comes to class to socialize. And there is Ms High n Mighty and Ms Tits-R-Us, no explanation needed.

My favorite is an intriguing woman I call Ms. MAC. She comes to class in full make-up and perfect hair. Stunning for being in her 70’s, she is slender and very toned. If I had not seen her naked in the shower, I would never have guessed, she looks like the rest of us. With breasts that head south, a bit of a belly and has dimples on her ass and thighs.

Unlike the rest of our crew, Ms. MAC somehow manages to not ever get her face or hair wet. Image our shock when Ms. MAC lost her balance and went underwater. When she surfaced, her hair piece was tipped to the side, her make-up was running down her face and one of her false eye lashes had fallen off.

We all stared in shock. Ms. Twins was the first to break the silence “Oh, my sweet Jesus.” We all raced for Ms. MAC and got her to the side of the pool and grabbed towels and bottles of water to clean her up.

Ms. Tits-R-Us tried to straighten her hair piece, Ms. High n Mighty started wiping off the dripping make-up. Ms. Talk-a-Lot did what she does best and the rest of us started diving to find the missing false eye lash. Everyone came together.

As quickly as it happened, we all went back to our class routine, including Ms. MAC. No one said another thing during class or after in the shower.

I barely made it out of the gym before laughing myself silly as I replay it in my mind.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • Laughter .. There is no better medication
  • eos lemon drop lip balm
  • I have my plans locked in for the “Sheep Weekend”

Never assume all is perfect. You never know when someone may slip and need your help without judgment.

affectionately yours, Laura

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