Gratitude 28August14 No Resting in a Public Restroom

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via Google search

I avoid public restrooms at all costs. The thought of their germ infested breeding grounds makes me shudder. When the need arises, I have perfected what I call my “hovering” stance. It is like the chair yoga position. I am low enough that nothing splashes back up, yet, high enough that I am not touching the seat.

Yesterday, was such an occasion. As I was lowering myself into my hovering position, the toilet automatically flushed and splashed my butt and thighs. I quickly stood up, used my wipes to clean up and made another attempt. Every time I got to a certain level, before I could do my business, this toilet automatically flushed. The toilet from hell!

After several attempts, almost a package of wipes and my thighs were beginning to get sore, I finally bucked up and stayed in place after the lowering into place flush. I handled my business as quickly as possible, stood up and now the toilet won’t flush!

In the mean time, I am beginning to panic because my Dad is cruising the store solo. When he goes shopping, he puts his cane into the cart and uses the cart as his support. However, at times, if he leans a little too much the cart picks up momentum and away he goes down the aisle. A crash into something is often involved to stop his roll. Not only am I dealing with the alien toilet, I am listening for a “Clean-up in aisle #6” request over the loud-speaker.

After the toilet episode, I thought screw the automated faucet, soap dispenser and hand blower. I squirted on some of my hand sanitizer from my purse and called it good enough.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • It feels like fall this morning!
  • A hike through Kaposia Park
  • A writing day. As I often say, “Ass deep in words”

Pay it forward, not just for the other person, for yourself.

affectionately yours, Laura

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