Gratitude 27August14 Rock Your Curves

I don’t like to shop. Especially for clothes. Mostly because almost all of the clothes are not designed to fit my body type. I am limited to the petite department unless I want to have alterations done on everything I purchase.

I flashback to my youth when Twiggy was the rage. Blond, legs a mile long, and a slim body. I look in current magazines and see the same body image being advertised. Clothes are being designed and made to cater to that body type. Yet, I look around while I people watch and very few women are genetically gifted with that body.

I am a woman of small stature. There is nothing about me that resembles the model look I just described. I am 5 feet of curves. I have breasts, hips and a belly. Even with weight loss to maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) range, those variables don’t change for me.



I have always rocked body curves big time. Add the fact that my body is “maturing” and things have become more complicated. In the mean time, I am going to have to suck it up this fall and shop for some clothes that fit. Although, sweaters, leggings and boots are sounding more and more like a tempting alternative.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • Old Navy Sweetheart jeans
  • Yoga pants and sports bra
  • The gray around the perimeter of my world is fading

I love the Gilda Radner quote “I base my fashion taste on what does not itch.” Words to live by.

affectionately yours, Laura

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