Gratitude 23Aug14 Living His Life “My Way”


Dad and I  © 2014 llpeltier  This article and picture may not be used in an context, reproduced, duplicated, or copied without express written permission from Laura L Peltier

Dad and I
© 2014 llpeltier
All Rights Reserved

Over the past month Dad has been actively planning his own funeral. Daunting as it has been to wrap my heart and head around, the reality is, next month he will be blessed to be 91 years old. My Dad has lived his life in true Frank Sinatra “My Way” style and intends to complete his life journey in the same manner.

This process has been filled with laughter and tears. No one but my Dad would negotiate the purchase of a casket as he would a car. When told there was a warranty on the casket, he asked “Who’s going to dig me up in 25 years to make sure of that?” Dad then added, “Would you give me a discount if I didn’t want the warranty?”

He is very specific on his attire. A big concern is that he is buried with his underwear on. He ask the planner “You’re not going to throw away my underwear, right?” “No, Mr. Peltier, you will be fully dressed for your walk into eternity.” At this Dad rolled his eyes and in what he thinks is his whisper voice, said “Man, is he full of shit.” Laughing, I nodded my head in agreement.

I have thanked my Dad numerous times for the gift of doing this. At 90 years old, it can’t be easy to look your morality head on and deal with what is to be. Yet, true to how he has lived his life, he has.

I have this vision of my Dad arriving in heaven. Sharp suit, open collar white shirt with his gold chain on. Shaking his dice in his right hand, a low ball glass of brandy with no ice in his left. He’ll be humming “That’s Life” as he strolls along, smiling, in search of a crap table to hang out at. I often wonder if Dad is still here because God just isn’t quite ready for his arrival, yet.

Anyone looking for me after his funeral can find me at Mancini’s. I promised Dad I would be strong for him. I didn’t promise I would be sober.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • Craft afternoon with my women friends
  • An evening with friends
  • Anticipating an upcoming event

Have a great weekend. Be sure at some point to stop and look around you. It really is a wonderful world. Pay it forward and it will return to you.

affectionately yours, Laura

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