Gratitude 22Aug14 Rooster Hair

I was born with an unfortunate cowlick hair gene that gives me rooster hair. A cowlick is a section of hair that is at odds with the direction of your regular hair growth. Being such a strange term, I did some research. Wikipedia states “The term “cowlick” originates from the domestic bovine’s habit of licking it’s young, which results in a swirling pattern in the hair.“ Now I have the mental image of a cow licking my head, in addition to this rooster thing going on.

Rooster Hair  © 2014 llpeltier All Rights Reserved

Rooster Hair
© 2014 llpeltier All Rights Reserved

My endearing cowlick is a tad back from the top of my head, almost center. Every morning I wake to the sight of my hair buck wild and sticking straight up. I have never been a big make-up or hair kind of woman. If I have mascara and lip gloss on, chances are good I have something happening that day. I like my hair short enough that if I run my fingers through it with a touch of hair gel, I am set to go. A make-up and hair goddess, I am not.

With that said, this whole rooster hair situation creates some drama for me. This challenging and stubborn tuft of hair requires massive amounts of water and/or hair product to tame. When I view ALS ice water video challenges I think, “Ha, I do that to my hair all the time minus the ice.” Happily, I have a hair-cutting genius, Josh, who over the years has been able to minimize and cover this unfortunate spot for me.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • My first cup of coffee tastes extra good this morning.
  • Rumor has it rent rebates are on their way.
  • I have nothing I have to do today.
  • A new Susan Mallery Fool’s Gold book is waiting to be read.

I am wishing you all a happy “cock-a-doodle-doo” Friday!

affectionately yours, Laura

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