Gratitude 21August14 “Whatever …”

While checking out at a store, the woman in front of me was struggling to get her purchases together. She apologized to the cashier for the delay. The cashier looked at her and rudely said “Right. Whatever.” Before my brain filtered what came out of my mouth, I said “That was not nice. I know what you meant. Apologize to her.“ I added my one eye brow up, head cocked to the right, I mean business stare.

Whatever via Google search

Whatever via Google search

The cashier gave me a look of “Mind your own business.” The woman struggling to get her stuff together looked at me like I had just turned into an older version of Chucky. As the cashier challenged my look, I saw her flip on her flashing red overhead light. I mentally began to calculate how much was in my bank account if I needed bail.

The manager came over and asked what the problem was. Before I could say anything, the woman in line behind me spoke up. “It wasn’t her, the cashier was rude to that woman.” Pointing to the woman who now had all of her contents in her cart. The manager asked the woman if the cashier had been rude. She said “Well, yes.” The cashier looked at her manager, back at me, then said to the woman “I’m sorry” really sarcastically. Mumbling, ironically, “Whatever.”

When did the word whatever become the polite way to tell someone “I don‘t care“ or “fuck off?” The word is always used in some derogatory manner with a tone of disgust. “Well, whatever.” It has become habit for many. I find it disrespectful and offensive. Especially in a situation like this where you are being paid to interact with the public. I have written this in the past, I write it again. Words are powerful. Use them wisely.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • I splurged on Kentucky Fried Chicken tonight.
  • Tomorrow I meet with my new group of walking friends.
  • My new Philosophy body wash Raspberry Sorbet.

Happily, there are several nearby stores I can use for a while. There might be a picture of me in that store’s break room with a target on it. Pun intended.

affectionately yours, Laura

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