Gratitude 19August14 Kiss Me, Please.

Storm  Kisses via

Storm Kisses via

I can fake a lot of things. One thing I cannot fake is a kiss. There is either chemistry or there’s not. It’s a relationship deal breaker for me. Simple as that. There is something about the intimacy of a kiss. It doesn’t surprise me that sex workers do not like to kiss while on the job. Kissing is all about emotion and connection. Sex can be broken down to a physical action and left at that.

Psychology Today had an article entitled The History of Kissing. It was interesting to learn that kissing is not an innate human behavior, but, learned based on the culture you live in. It is believed to have begun with the process of a mother mouth feeding her baby and kissing them on the lips. Kissing is not unique to just humans. It has been noted that there is kissing in the animal kingdom, too.

As I age, I do not believe that factor should eliminate the joy and passion from ones’ life — rather it should enhance it. One of my best friends and her man still go for drives and make-out in their car. Sometimes at parties, they will wander off and come back looking a bit disheveled with swollen lips. I like that about them. I would not mind going into old age with evidence of a great deal of kissing going on.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • My laundry is done and house is clean.
  • A very short “To Do” list.
  • Looking forward to time with a good friend.
  • I have a bottle of Hey Mambo Red Wine and D’Amico salad ready for dinner.

As Prince sings in his song Kiss .. “All I want is your extra time and your kiss.” xx

affectionately yours, Laura

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