Gratitude 14August14 ” Just the Facts, Ma’am”

Every now and then I need to refresh my memory of what an opinion is. An opinion is based on the experiences, observations and perception of the person giving it. Opinion is a collective belief that another person gifts you with. Nothing more, nothing less. Since an opinion is not always based on truth or fact, it is always open to interpretation. As Detective Joe Friday in the 1987 movie version of Dragnet would remind people, “All we want are the facts, Ma’am.” 

Dragnet 1987 via Google search

Dragnet 1987 via Google search

An opinion is not your truth. It does not define you. I have learned to listen to the opinions of others, take the information, and thank them for their insight. I have become more discerning in the opinions I receive and seek out. I look at how the person giving the opinion is living their life, the choices they make, how they walk their talk. Then, I factor that in, with the opinion given to me. 

Often, an opinion says more about the person giving it than about you. It is a two-way street. I have learned to slow my roll before giving my opinion. It is easy to give an opinion when you are not the one who will be dealing with the outcome. Words are powerful. Use them wisely. In the infamous words of Daniel Patrick Moynihan: “You’re entitled to your own opinions. You’re not entitled to your own facts.”


Today I am thankful for ..

  • Bonjour, Je blogs amis! My french and spanish lessons on are coming along nicely. 
  • A return for a tune-up with Dr. Sleep (He helps people sleep better)
  • The struggle with my book The Last Month story board continues. It only means, it will keep getting better.

If no one else tells you today, here is my opinion:  You are of value. You are empowered to make your dreams a reality. Your opportunities are endless. Have a wonderful day.

affectionately yours, Laura


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