Gratitude 5August14 Excerpt from “Indigo Bluez”

British  Virgin Islands via Facebook / Fascinating Places

British Virgin Islands via Facebook / Fascinating Places

Today I am thankful for .. 

  • My Mom and Granny slipped into my dreams last night.
  • An appointment with my therapist. I am going to tell her all about you.
  • The blessings in my life are coming in abundance. I am so grateful.
  • My new IKEA catalog came in the mail
  • My brother, Michael, who will always be a hero in my eyes.
  • The beautiful women in my life who encourage and lift me daily

Enjoy a peek into Indigo Bluez

affectionately yours, Laura 

As fate would have it, the first time she saw him, she had been drinking Don Julio margarita’s. She heard him before she saw him. Being appreciative of the healing powers of a deep belly laugh, when she heard one she was drawn to it. He was standing near the older gentleman that had approached them earlier and then sent them over a round of drinks. He was gesturing with his hands, as if telling a “it was this big” story. Then he threw back his head letting that melodious laughter rise above all the chatter.

He had a red baseball cap on backwards, aviators, and she could only see a peek of the top of sun kissed brown muscular shoulders and arms. Their eyes met and held as he was finishing taking a sip out of what appeared to be a Corona. The older gentleman was now following his stare to her. She raised her margarita to him in a silent salute, puckered her lips and blew him a kiss with a smiling nod. Later, she would blame that move on the tequila.

“Girl, are you alright?” her best friend asked. She had not realized she had murmured “Oh, my” and her best had heard. Finally breaking their eye contact and looking away from him, she was relieved she had her Ray Bans on. If looks could be hot nasty sex, she just experienced it. Feeling suddenly flushed, she stood and ignoring the calls of her best, headed for the water. Quickly striping off her brightly colored sarong, she sashayed into the safety of the warm sparkling blue water of the bay. Floating in the waves and looking into the cloudless sky, the sun upon her, she gave thanks into the universe. “Thank you. Life just does not get better than this.”

He leaned into her. Seducing words and laughter tickling her ear. He gently rubbed his day old unshaven cheek against hers. Turning his head he slid his lips over hers, licking her bottom lip, then softly biting it, she gave him entry into her mouth. An erotic dance of tongues began. Through her tequila hazed sleep she heard the distant ringing of her cell phone. “Damn it” she blindly grabbed for it while trying to wake up from her erotic dream of the man at the bar.

A call from her publicist this early in the morning could not be ignored. The following conversation sobered her and put an end to the fantasy and vacation. The firestorm over the release of naked pictures of her was swift. More than anything, her embarrassment was not for herself, rather those she loved. Their discomfort was tangible as call after call came. No shock to her. They had been sold by a musician that she had an affair with many years ago. She knew it was a possibility when his request for money had come and was denied. She refused to be placed in a position of hostage to anyone. There is nothing like having your pussy front and center on and every other paparazzi site willing to print it.

“It must be a slow news day” she thought. At least it was too bold to be posted in the main stream media. Just a vivid description with a large blurred area covering her lady parts. She rolled her eyes at the comments coming fast and furious on social media sites. Her insecurities about her body and it’s patchwork of scars, reared it’s ugly head as she closed her laptop. There was some comfort that she was certainly not the first or last woman to show her ass to the world.

© 2014 llpeltier All Rights Reserved “Indigo Bluez

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