Gratitude 30July14 The Body I Want

I am a fan of a science site called How Stuff Works. ( You can inquire about almost anything and it will break down the dynamics of process. Sometimes, I will go from topic to topic just to learn. Somehow, I got into the workings of the human body. Imagine my surprise when I read about fat cells — once they are created — they never leave! They may shrink in size, however, with the next mini Reese’s Blizzard from Dairy Queen, they are ready to puff right back up again! They are like the negative kryptonite of the body.

My Motivation via

My Motivation via

I shared a couple of weeks ago that I am really close to achieving my weight and body mass index (BMI) goal. What I don’t like is the spots on my body — that despite my weight loss — still have fat. My belly spot that hasn’t been the same since delivering two beautiful almost 8 pound babies. The “love handles” on my sides. Who thought of that name? In search of a quick fix to these fat spot issues I also discovered, contrary to popular belief, a gazillion sit-ups or crunches isn’t the cure. The key to body health and size is what you eat.

Then I came across this miracle fat cure I have been hearing about. There is an amazing new invention called Coolsculpting, The procedure boasts that it is the only FDA approved, non-surgical fat removal procedure. It will eliminate those fat cells faster than a speeding bullet. Check out this website for a really good explanation on Contouring with Coolsculpting at Essentially what happens is they use this square thing that looks like an oversize ultra sound probe. They rub the probe over your problem areas, freeze the fat and your body flushes them right out when you go to the bathroom. Like any miracle cure, there is a financial price attached. Till I can afford it — my spanx’s will have to do.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • YouTube Sleep Meditation videos
  • A Santi day is always a good day

Every now and then I stop and think .. It really is a wonderful world.

affectionately yours, Laura

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