Gratitude 28July14 It Really is Just Stuff

There is a knock at your door. A policeman informs you that you have to evacuate your home immediately. As fate would have it, your house is on the edge of a giant sinkhole. You could sink into oblivion at any moment. What material possessions (not including people or pets) could you not live without — that you would risk your life for — to retrieve?

Steve Martin in The Jerk via Google search

Steve Martin in The Jerk via Google search

I began thinking along the lines of that old Steve Martin movie The Jerk. All I need is my purse, that’s it. And my cell phone. And my iPod. And my external hard drive with all my writing. And my family pictures. And my Nook, if it’s handy. I have this visual image of myself lugging all this shit in my Vicie pajama’s because I forgot to grab clothes.

Our connection of defining ourselves through material things is quite a paradox. Remember the Madonna song Material Girl? That is our world/society now. Our worth is measured based on our “stuff” which creates a credit score. The more nice stuff you have, the higher esteem you are held in. Chances are the more family / friends you will have around you .. lol .. to borrow your stuff and money.
What material items can’t buy is the character of a person. When all the good stuff around you is gone ~ what will remain is you. Stuff won’t make you a kinder person, a better person, or make your self-esteem soar. It’s really is just stuff. All that glitters is not gold and money does not buy happiness. One important lesson I have learned from my depression is; if it’s just me and Jesus. I’ll be alright. That is a calming security.
Today I am thankful for ..
  • I don’t have everything I want, yet, I have everything I need
  • My grandbabies: Iysanti and Lucy
  • Day 865 on my Wii Fit

When you get down to the basics, anything is replaceable except for living breathing life. Value yours and make someone’s better.

affectionately yours, Laura

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