Gratitude 17July14 Best Friends Forever

Laura's Board ©llpeltier2014

Laura’s Board ©llpeltier2014

I am blessed to have long time friends in my life. I have a close friend I went to kindergarten with, several I attended middle and high school with. A dear friend happens to be a cousin. Several friends present during hard times in my life; became kindred spirits and remained close. I have friends I have never met in person, yet, we share a written bond that is just as powerful and trustworthy. I am a person who could best be described as “She has many acquaintances and very few close friends.

My world remains a small place. I keep my inner circle of people who truly know me limited. I have a sign on my bulletin board with this saying “I can count my good friends on one hand but you I count on in my heart.” Most of my best friends I don’t have daily contact with. Some of my best friends and I, due to geographic location and schedules, only connect several times a year. The uniqueness of this is — when we do get together — it is like time has never passed. We pick up where we left off and there is a comfort that surpasses any time or distance between us.

Diane and Laura ©llpeltier2014

Diane and Laura ©llpeltier2014

This morning I had the opportunity to meet with one of these “special” friends. What was supposed to be a “quick cup of coffee” turned into a 2+ hour conversation that covered an endless range of topics. I had the thought while sitting there across from her how comfortable I felt. What a freeing emotional experience to not be judging what is safe to share and what could be repeated. I walk away from some encounters feeling exhausted from who I call “emotional vampires” that can suck the life from me. I hugged her tightly before we parted and offered a silent prayer of thanks to my heavenly Father for the gift of her friendship.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • My Circle of Women — you know who you are
  • Woo Hoo! I am getting my KC #BCB Banana Rum contest pictures taken
  • The lessons I am in the midst of that are so damn scary, yet, so rewarding
  • Fantasies that continue to intrigue

Wishing you the kind of friends that remain BFF’s for a lifetime.

affectionately yours, Laura

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