Gratitude 15July14 For Women of all Ages

Elderly women with sunglasses and hats riding in convertible car by Zigy Kaluzny

Elderly women with sunglasses and hats riding in convertible car by Zigy Kaluzny

Last year the Huffington Post printed an article by Shelley Emling titled “15 Things Every Woman Over 50 Should Own.”  I printed the article and placed it in my journal as a goal list to check off as I achieved each of the 15 items. So far, I have 11 of the 15. Not bad. Today on my “to-do” list is to buy another one of the 15 things. I believe as women, with our “given” roles as care-takers, we often put ourselves last on the list to get something “special” for ourselves. Think of all you have accomplished to make it into your 50’s — it’s time to celebrate you!

  1. At least one amazing recipe you can hand down to your kids and grandkids (or friends’ kids) ✔Check (kind of). On this one I am so screwed. I have a standing agreement with the local fire department that I will notify them when I am cooking. I might have to cheat and just will my Mom’s recipes to them!
  2. At least one fantastic, uplifting bra (and, really, this should be something women of every age should own). ✔Check
  3. A nice pair of leggings. ✔Check.
  4. A room of one’s own. ✔Check.
  5. Something nice passed down by your grandmother or mother. ✔Check. I am blessed to have a few treasured items from both women.
  6. Play money — also known as a f*uck you fund. ✔Check. I found this savings idea on and have been doing it for over a year. It’s called the $5 Savings Fund. Every time you get a $5 dollar bill, you tuck it away. When you get 10 – $5 bills you seal them in an envelope. It’s wonderful to know I have a hidden stash.
  7. A vibrator. ✔Check. If you have never heard of the Ovo lifestyle toys for everyone®, here is the link.
  8. A really nice clutch bag. ✔Check.
  9. Proper exercise clothes that are more than just the shorts and t-shirt you sleep in. This is my mission for today. To get a couple of nice gym outfits.
  10. Some professional photos that make you look both lovely and, well, professional. This is a need to do item. I keep telling myself when I lose more weight I will. Getting my pictures taken is not high on my favorite list of things to do.
  11. A pencil skirt. ✔Check.
  12. A nice set of luggage. ✔Check.
  13. Sexy shoes. My next item on my “Want don’t Need” list.
  14. A journal. ✔Check. ✔Double check. ✔Triple check. LOL. I’ve journal-ed for years.
  15. Makeup you weren’t using 10 years ago. ✔Check. Thank you to my baby girl, Jaz who initiated my addiction to MAC makeup. Although, if I get some mascara and lip gloss on, it’s a good makeup day for me! Just not a makeup kind of woman.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • A delightful evening with a friend
  • The woman with the talking bird who lived under me, moved out
  • I feel content and at peace with life
  • Outline and master for “The Last Month” almost done. Whew.

It’s hard to grasp the concept of paying-it-forward when you yourself are lacking. Take care of you, so, you can give to others.

affectionately yours, Laura




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