Gratitude 14July14 Bringing My Sexy Back

For reason’s that would take much more than a 400 word blog, several years ago, I chose to step away from intimate relationships. Suffice it to say my track record of choosing partners who treated me well was lacking. It is very hard to keep playing the “victim” when you keep giving the “perpetrator” the keys to your kingdom, figurative and literally. I made a conscious choice to find out my reasons and how to eliminate this dysfunctional pattern.

Side by Side via search

Side by Side via search

With a new perspective, observing date-able partners is very different for me. The focus is on the manner in which a person carries themselves. The way they move that reflects they are comfortable with who they are. I watch how individuals interact with others. You can be runway model beautiful, open your mouth and the words that tumble out can make someone very ugly. A sense of humor is a must. A good judge of character for me is how a person treats children, elderly, and animals. When an individual shows kindness and respect to those who are vulnerable or look and believe differently than them; it speaks volumes.

This weekend I had the rare opportunity of looking up and into the eyes of someone who made my heart skip a beat. One of those people who make you wonder if they shouldn’t be registered as a lethal weapon. Certainly the thoughts that crossed my mind must still be illegal in some states. It was pleasant to experience that feeling of attraction and lust. It’s been a long while since my lady parts sent out a red alert “This is not a test! There are no batteries. We have a human on the radar!” It still has me giggling like a teenage girl. Though I chose not to act on those feelings, there is nothing like the release of some endorphin’s to get a body humming. More valuable, a message of hope within myself, that what has been dormant for so long is still burning.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • A uninterrupted peaceful sleep last night
  • My new coffee creamer Caramel Latte
  • A very short “to-do” list with no where I have to go
  • A new library book is waiting to be read!
embracing my curves @llpeltier2014

embracing my curves @llpeltier2014

Marilyn Monroe said “I’m very definitely a woman and I enjoy it.” That sums up how I feel. I like all that being a woman implies. I am now learning those hard lessons about what a real woman is – not a victim of her own choices, is accountable, avoids drama, doesn’t hide her curves, and doesn’t need someone to complete her but compliment her. And, yes, I am bringing my sexy back.

affectionately yours, Laura 

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