Gratitude 9July14 Excerpt from “Indigo Bluez”

She greeted the day, as had become her habit, with caution. Beginning by giving thanks and gratitude for whatever this new day would hold for her. She began taking a mental inventory of her emotional well-being. Blessed be, her thoughts were crisp and clear. Today was a good day. One she affectionately called a “right-bright” day. The “darkness” that would enter into her world uninvited was not present. She stretched and smiled at the sensual soreness in her muscles. The cause of which was now on his plane heading into the sunrise.

The light knock on her door brought her back from last nights memories of his mouth and touch. “Good morning, Sunshine” whispered her right-hand woman and one of her best friends. Despite the surprise of fame, some things remained a constant in her life. The people she surrounded herself with, where she lived and her trusted 2008 blue Honda. “If you don’t have coffee, go away.” Her friend’s laughter filled the room. “Not until you tell me about those scarves tied to your bed!”

The best thing about surrounding yourself with people who love you is they love you just for you. The bad thing is, they know all of your secrets and firing them would be difficult. Today was the start of a large project. They were beginning a week of filming her for a video that would be shown as an introduction to her speaking engagements. The idea came to flourish-ion as curiosity surrounding her increased. “It was not rock science,” she thought. Nothing in her life had really changed. Her past could not be hidden and her future was literally an open book. No pun intended. The only change was the new money that allowed opportunities to nicer places and things.  And him.    ©llpeltier 2014 All Rights Reserved

Yellow Dreaming via

Yellow Dreaming via

Today I am thankful for ..

  • Dreams becoming reality
  • A very busy day ahead
  • Watching the day wake-up out my window. The sights and sounds are gifts from God.
  • The love I am surrounded with; never taken for granted

There are times I become overwhelmed and the things I love and want so badly in my life seem elusive. It is in those moments I have to remind myself that dreams and wishes do come true. I just have to remind myself of how blessed my life is as evidence of that fact. From my heart to yours.

affectionately yours, Laura




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