Gratitude 7July14 “To Thine Own Self be True”

“This above all; to thine own self be true and it must follow, as the night the day”  ~William Shakespeare ~

via Island Girl in Training

via Island Girl in Training

Life is much simpler when you are just you. Being true to yourself is about loving yourself and liking who you are. It breaks down to not being what people have labeled you or what others think you should be. I have shared in previous blogs the times in my life I behaved in a way to be “accepted.” If you are feeling confused about who you are. There is a good chance you are not being true to yourself. What you are being told and what you know to be true about you don’t jive. The greatest gift from being true to yourself is the self-respect that you feel.

To be true to yourself is not for the weak of heart. It takes courage to stand and hold your ground to be who you are and what you believe. With that comes accountability. It is never acceptable to diminish another’s light by over powering them with yours. My recent mantra has been “Confident women don’t put down, they lift up.” It is within that, that I find more backbone to be free to my own self be true.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • Thank you to the wonderful person who found my cell phone
  • It’s a hang out by the pool kind of day
  • My computer french lessons are coming along, kind of ..

Often in life we have to break big things down into small portions to slowly accomplish the end result we want. Being true to you is one of those. Start today. Tomorrow will be easier. You will see someone without a smile today, give them yours and pay-it-forward. affectionately yours, Laura

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