Gratitude 19June14 Enough already

I awoke too early this morning to a raging thunderstorm. While I am a lover of rain, I am feeling a bit water-logged after several weeks of it. Obviously, Mother Nature didn’t get the “enough already” memo. Then again — given the winter we just had, I don’t think she gives a hoot anymore. She obviously is not happy.

Speaking of enough already. After fixing my first cup of coffee of the day, I logged into my trusty computer and went to my favorite news site. I was greeted with yet another picture of a Kardashian showing their considerable “assets” to the world. In all fairness, I give props to anyone who can manipulate their way to fame in this manner. However, those props don’t include respect. Throughout history tits and ass have sold media. I can only hope the intrigue and demand to view their “assets” loses it’s supply and demand soon. I’ve seen enough; thank you very much.

rock heart via pinterestToday I am thankful for ..

  • This first cup of coffee is tasting mighty good
  • My favorite worn out Marilyn t-shirt and grey sweat pants
  • The soothing sound of rain

Did you know that doing random acts of kindness is good for your immune system, self-esteem and positive energy flow? Do something nice for someone and feel better soon.

affectionately yours, Laura

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