Gratitude 17June14 Shoes and Thumbs



What? After all of these years of shoe gazing — it’s a myth? posted an article today entitled “Sorry, ladies, you can’t tell a man’s biggest secret from his shoe size: The scientific proof behind 10 myths about sex.” Be still my heart. The article correctly guessed that most of us “ladies” had figured that out on our own with experience. The article goes on to clear up 9 other sexual myths. Sadly, sex does not help you lose weight. Women think about sex more than men. And a happy note for men that testicles do not sag with age. All interesting facts that might make your water cooler talk a bit more interesting.

Today I am thankful for ..

  • Not a single rain cloud in the sky
  • A busy day filled with stuff to be done
  • In the words of Pharrell “Because I’m happy”

Today I woke up listening to Grace Potter “Paris”

Wishing all of you out there who are looking at shoes and thumbs a delightful day!

affectionately yours, Laura

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