Gratitude 13June14 Superstitious?

via google search

via google search

There is no historic data that can verify exactly when and how Friday the 13th became superstitious. Some references say it has to do with the number 13 being considered an unlucky number and events that are believed to have happened on Fridays. Several being from the biblical source, such as, Eve tempting Adam, the Last Supper and Jesus crucifixion, all believed to have happened on a Friday. Add those two together, Friday the 13th and you have yourself a perfect storm day. This year is particularly interesting as it falls on the night of a full moon. Superstitious? You might want to stay home today!

Today I am grateful for ..

  • I am getting a hair cut
  • Relieved to have this week over with
  • Chobani Pineapple Greek yogurt

Have an amazing weekend. Be kind to yourself.

affectionately yours, Laura



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