Gratitude 6June14 Growing up too Fast

Today is my grandson Iysanti’s last day of 8th grade. This fall he begins high school. Sitting there for his 8th grade Recognition Program this morning, I kept thinking how quickly these past 14 years have gone. Hearing his name called for various awards, I felt immensely proud of his achievements and what a wonderful person he is growing into.



Memories came flooding back — The little boy who once looked up at me, now looks down at me. A fact he reminds me of often. Alligator rain boots have turned into a men’s size 10 Nike’s. Gone are the days of wearing anything you buy him, now we wander the men’s department looking at different colors and styles as he grows into his own. A trip to McDonald’s is no longer a happy meal order, it’s a #14 meal with an added malt, cinnamon melts or cookies. Mind boggling.

What hasn’t changed is the simplicity of what keeps us close. Our talks, the teasing and laughter, love of movies and reading we have always shared.  Our need to spend time together continues with our every Wednesday hang-out date. Although I cringe when I hear his now infamous line “Grandma, Can I ask you something?” I know what follows is a thoughtful question or curiosity he needs an answer to. I do my best to rise to the occasion. It may change in the future, but, for now, I am still his favorite and “cool” Grandma Laura he likes to spend time with. For that I am forever grateful.



Today I am thankful for ..

  • The blessing of Grandchildren
  • A beautiful summer day
  • The sense of calm after the storm
  • Walking into my home and feeling secure and at peace

Wishing you a delightful weekend. Take a moment and reach out to someone you have been thinking of. Life is short~Live it well.

affectionately yours, Laura



One thought on “Gratitude 6June14 Growing up too Fast

  1. I love this post Laura, it’s beautiful. It reminds me so much of my relationship with Connor and Ethan. At this point, I’m still “cool Auntie” but know someday that will also probably change. But I cherish every minute with them, just as you do your time with Santi. Love you! Toni


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