Gratitude 27May14 Pinterest Addict

pinster via pinterest.comHello. My name is Laura. I am a Pinterest addict. I am fascinated with this visual discovery website. For years I have been tearing out pictures and articles from newspapers and magazines. I would save them for references, inspiration for writing, and dream boards. Now I can do it online. Pinterest, in essence, is a personal collection of bulletin boards you create by “pinning.” You go on to a never-ending data source from people inputting pins from around the world 24/7. Amazing.

I currently have 40+ boards and give or take 4,000+ pins. Hey, don’t judge me until you’ve tried it.When I say you can find anything. I mean anything. How to make things, recipes, clothing, exercise, travel, learn a craft or a hobby. It’s designed for men and women alike. If I could make a living from sipping wine while on Pinterest — I would be a wealthier woman. I often go to the site for research and creativity when I am writing and stuck on stupid.

As a social network site it offers the exchange of information with what would appear to be minimum personal interaction impact. I say this as a disclaimer because you can tell a lot about the demographics of a person by what they pin. I am guilty of “cyber-spying” to see what friends are up to and what trend they are focused on as of late. My latest board is titled “and yes, I am a wild woman.” No surprises there, right? Come and visit me at

Today I am thankful for ..

  • The sound and smell of rain outside my window
  • A kick ass Miami Heat game last night. 3-1 baby!
  • A toy car I have had for years — a powder blue 1957 Chevrolet Corvette with opening doors. Some day I want the real deal. 1957 Corvette ©

I would like to challenge you to do a “random act of kindness” for someone. Not so much for the beneficiary, but, for you. One act of kindness often begins a chain reaction and will return to you.

affectionately yours, Laura 

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