Gratitude 26May14 More than a 3 Day Weekend

I like to listen to my Dad tell his World War II stories. Every time he tells them, he’ll forget a little or remember a little more. Either way, they are memories I want to remember to pass along to my grandbabies. It always amazes me that he can forget to put in his teeth to go to church, however, he can tell you in detail his stories.

statue-of-liberty-via google search / fanpop.comMy favorite one is about his trip home after the war was won. After crossing the Atlantic the military sailed the troops into the New York harbor. Dad said “When we saw land and finally Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, the guys went wild. We all raced over to that side of the ship — I’m surprised the thing didn’t tip over! I’ll never forget going by that statue and looking up, knowing I made it home safely. Still to this day, when I see it on television, I remember. You know, there aren’t many of us World War II guys left.”

Today I am thankful for ..

  • Stories to pass along
  • Hanging my laundry outside on the clothes line
  • The hot weather — after our winter I refuse to complain
  • My rooster timer who passed away after many years of loyal service

For some, it’s a long 3 day weekend. For some, it brings back the memories of loved ones who have given their lives for our United States of America. For all of us It should be a remind that freedom, is really not free.

affectionately yours, Laura 


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