Gratitude 25May14 Oh Happy Day!



I woke up with the song “Oh Happy Day” playing in my mind. As I have gone about doing my Sunday morning routine of making coffee, Wii Fit, and watching the Sunday talk shows, I keep humming it.

I am one of those people who fills in her own lyrics when I don’t know the words. Like, for years, when I sang along to Benny and the Jets, I always sang “She’s got electric boobs.” It wasn’t until I saw the movie 27 Dresses that I discovered it was “She’s got electric boots.” So, I went online to look up the lyrics for Oh, Happy Day and one chorus struck close to my heart. I have been singing the correct lyrics since:

“He taught me how, how to watch
How to fight and pray, fight and pray
And living rejoicing everyday”

 It would seem I woke up to the right song. Here is a link so you can sing along, too. Wishing you a day filled with moments of rejoicing.

affectionately yours, Laura

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